Dr. Terence Tan’s philosophy on weight loss: Phase Two

Dr. Terence Tan’s philosophy on weight loss: Phase Two

Dr. Terence Tan believes there are two phases of weight loss. This is phase two.

Dr. Terence Tan’s philosophy on weight loss phase two

Phase two: comes the weight loss maintenance, the phase where most people are uncomfortable with. In this stage, one can eat more than in phase one. This is because having reached one’s ideal weight, one only needs to balance the calories consumed to the calories used. So naturally to maintain weight, one is able to eat a little bit more than in the previous stage, and yet achieve the goal of maintaining the lost weight.

Being able to eat more and the fact that these people would actually eat more, actually makes a lot of people feel very uncomfortable. Well, why shouldn’t it? I mean, you’re used to having to eat so little during rapid weight loss and suddenly once you’ve reached your goals, you’re supposed to eat a little bit more and not lose any more weight.

They feel that this shouldn’t be the case and they are losing ground against their battle with weight loss. But trust me, this is really not the case. People who have achieved their desired weight should stop or tail down their medications simply because they don’t need it anymore — no need to have a super low-calorie diet or to exercise every day. The seemingly impossible has already been done in phase one.

Now one is motivated and is armed with the tools learnt along the way to keep the weight off. So one just needs to decide on one or two things that he or she needs to do differently as compared to before to maintain the weight which has already been reduced in phase one.

This is my concept, and this is my approach to weight loss medications. So now you know my concept, and the time is now. Just lose it. Let great things be done.

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