Dr. Terence Tan’s philosophy on weight loss: Phase One

Dr. Terence Tan’s philosophy on weight loss: Phase One

Dr. Terence Tan believes that weight loss medications can help more people. How is that so and how does weight loss actually work? Let’s listen in to what he has to say about the phase one in weight loss process.

Why do I believe that most people would benefit from weight loss medications? Well, number one, while many individuals are not aware of it, achieving sustained weight loss is actually divided into two phases. The first step, phase number one is an active phase of weight loss.

Generally, it is really the most painful. This is one phase whereby one has to eat far less than one needs or exercise far more than what one is used to lose weight. Weight loss is really as simple as that. It’s about how much goes in versus how much comes out.

So if you eat more and exercise less, you’ll gain weight; and vice versa, you’ll lose weight. Therefore, taking in fewer calories or using up more calories through exercise in this phase needs to be almost extreme.

This initial phase of weight loss is where I feel short-term medications are essential and take the pain out of the initial period of weight loss. They take the pain out of phase one. Reducing hunger when one needs to eat far less than one needs takes the pain out of this phase.

Rapid weight loss, which follows this initial phase is a great motivator.

Trust me, motivation can lead people to do great things, to do seemingly impossible things too.

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