6 Reasons Why You Need to Watch Zombie Movies to Lose Weight and Keep Fit

6 Reasons Why You Need to Watch Zombie Movies to Lose Weight and Keep Fit

I’m a huge fan of zombie movies. It is not just because of the suspense and the horror of how things can go downhill so quickly, but the human drama and the excitement of seeing humans fight and scheme to survive that keeps you at the edge your seat, your heart racing, and palms sweaty.

Reasons Why You Need to Watch Zombie Movies

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In fact, I also feel that zombie movies are the film industry’s way of telling us that obesity can kill us. If we don’t want to end up as zombie fodder, be doubly sure that we have good stamina, be able to run fast, and at least have some muscle strength.

Here are six reasons why watching a zombie movie can motivate you to lose weight and keep fit.


1. The impossible gunshot to the head

While the hero in the zombie movie can kill hundreds of zombies easily with a rifle, anyone who has handled a rifle before will know that a gunshot to the head, let alone on a moving target, is quite impossible for an amateur. Just when we thought that a gun is an essential item in a zombie Armageddon, not everyone can perfect that aim overnight. It turns out that having good stamina and the ability to run fast is more important.


2. The importance of muscle strength

To avoid being captured by zombies, we need to be able to at least pull ourselves up to the top of a container to avoid a hungry zombie horde, jump over a low wall, or even have the arm strength of Yoo Ah In in “#Alive”. Remember how he dangled from his balcony desperately trying to get some phone signal as a horde of zombies tried to reach him from the floor below? No strong muscles no talk.

Our muscles are not going to appear overnight if the only muscle toning exercise we ever do is to sit and reach for a remote. So, in case anyone needs help with building muscle tone in case zombie apocalypse strikes, the Tesla Muscle Former is a non-invasive and no downtime treatment that uses magnetic resonance stimulation to increase the strength and volume of our muscles and sculpt the body. It contracts and releases the muscle 75,000 times within a single 45 min session to tone and shape our muscles, giving us a super intense “workout” session. However, strength training is still important. With the two combined, you won’t have a problem holding back the door when the zombies attempt to break it down.


3. Zombies appear out of nowhere

Reasons Why You Need to Watch Zombie Movies

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The main characters of the movie were just chilling and having some HTHT when suddenly the cannibal corpses appear out of nowhere, sprinting towards you like the flag-off in a full marathon.

There’s no time to prepare, and you better start losing weight (if weight management has always been a problem), keep fit, and be able to run fast to escape these walking, no, running dead.

It shouldn’t be hard to lose weight during a zombie apocalypse since food will be scarce. But we want to be prepared now. Who knows, someone can get infected tomorrow. For effective weight loss, you have to eat less (reduce calories) and exercise more (expend calories) during the first phase of weight loss. This is what makes the weight loss process a difficult one. My philosophy for weight loss is to get over the initial hurdle of weight loss with the help of health authority-approved medications like Saxenda and Xenical, to motivate one to lose those extra kilos. Always consult your doctor before you embark on any weight loss programme to make sure that it is safe, and that you lose weight healthily.


4. The era of the Olympic-runner zombies

In George A. Romero’s classic zombie movie “Night of the Living Dead “(1968), a reporter asked, “Are they slow-moving, chief?” His chief answered, “Yeah,” the cop says wearily, “they’re dead.”

Slow and clumsy zombies that limp are a thing of the past. As the human race progresses, so have the zombies. “28 Days Later” was one of the zombie films that sparked off the running zombies trend, and since then, those zombies that dragged their feet around have become obsolete. If you have seen how fast and agile the new generation of zombies are, you would want to start getting on your treadmill and be prepared for the day of the apocalypse. Slow, long jogs aren’t going to cut it. Train for speed, and don’t forget your cardio exercises.


5. “Live together, die alone”

This was a quote by Jack Shephard from the drama “Lost”. It isn’t a zombie movie, but the quote is definitely applicable during a zombie apocalypse. Anyone in the zombie movies who leaves the team to explore the area or because he needed time alone will usually run into a zombie or two, and more often than not, becomes one of them.

We need friends and teammates to support each other and survive a zombie apocalypse, and the same goes for our weight loss and fitness journey. It is always easier to have a support system to reach your body goals. A workout buddy will provide you with the motivation and company to make your journey an easier and more achievable one.


6. Watching horror movies help you lose weight

Reasons Why You Need to Watch Zombie Movies

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Last but not least, watching horror movies, and in this case, my favourite zombie movies, can help you burn calories. A study by researchers at the University of Westminster found that watching a 90-minute horror movie can burn up to 113 calories, and that is close to the number of calories burned for a half an hour walk. The jump-scare moments in horror movies are the scenes that help us burn the most calories since they increase our heart rate dramatically. But this does not mean a zombie movie binge night replaces a good 30 mins workout on a treadmill!

So there you go, the reasons why you must watch zombie movies to get the motivation to lose weight. I’d be bringing my wife and two sons on my next run to ensure our survival.

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