How is the Latest Ultherapy SPT Protocol Like Driving a F1 Car?

How is the Latest Ultherapy SPT Protocol Like Driving a F1 Car?

With technology, perhaps there is no such thing as a “level playing field”. Even in the closely followed and highly exciting Formula 1 (F1) racing space, there are technical regulations and car development restrictions that determine what race teams are allowed to do to ensure an even playing field for all drivers regardless of the car they drive.

If anything, the regulations are a recognition that whoever has the deepest pocket and who can dedicate the longest amount time to research and development (R&D) can pull ahead by fully optimising advanced racing technology and software. But if you give the same technologically-enhanced race car to two different drivers, the sharper, more experienced, and more well-trained driver will take the lead on the track.

When it comes to medical technology, it is the same. You only get results when you combine good technology with good performance by the user.


Ultherapy – an alternative to surgical face lifts

Ultherapy Singapore

Over the years, Ultherapy has become one of the most popular non-invasive, non-surgical face lift treatments. This US Food and Drug Administration-approved treatment uses micro-focused ultrasound energy to target a layer of skin underneath our skin’s surface to generate collagen. The result is a more lifted, youthful mien without the need for any cuts or incisions.

You can do Ultherapy over lunch and get right back to work, pick up your kids, do your grocery shopping immediately after the treatment.


Ultherapy treatment protocol improvements

Over the years, the pharmaceutical company behind Ultherapy – Merz Aesthetics (Merz), had done its fair share of R&D to enhance patient care and improve patient outcome. It introduced the “Ultherapy Amplify” treatment protocol of 800 lines for doctors in 2019, which is an improvement from the previous 500 lines treatment protocol.

This treatment protocol delivers 800 “shots” of micro-focused ultrasound energy into the face. It increases treatment density by 60% to yield optimal results without the need to use a higher power level. This results in a more comfortable treatment without significantly increasing the incidence of side effects for patients.


The latest Ultherapy SPT treatment protocol

Ultherapy Singapore Full Range of Transducers

Subsequently in 2021, Merz introduced the “Ultherapy See. Plan. Treat.” or Ultherapy SPT protocol for doctors. This three-pronged protocol ensures that doctors:

  1. See the patient’s skin anatomy through real-time ultrasound visualisation technology to identify the areas that require treatment;
  2. Plan and map out a bespoke Ultherapy treatment for the individual based on the visualisation; and
  3. Treat according to the plan that is customised for the patient.

You may also watch my video on this latest Ultherapy SPT protocol and what it means for patients in my video below.

Only doctors that have been trained by Merz is certified to do the SPT protocol for patients. Can you imagine a technologically-advanced super car in the hands of a normal driver who is not trained to handle the technological wizardry built into the car? The car simply becomes a means of transport that gets him from point A to point B.

That driver is not going to be able to bring the car around track in the shortest time possible with minimal chances of crashing.

As with handling any equipment – in this case the Ulthera device for Ultherapy – a piece of equipment is only effective if you handle it well. A medical device like Ulthera, with its many advanced features will fail to be an advanced device if the user doesn’t know how or chooses not to use the advanced features.

Ultherapy SPT See Plan Treat Certified Clinic Singapore Halley

In the hands of an inexperienced user, complications can occur. And that is why Merz makes it a point to ensure that Ultherapy is only available in licensed medical clinics, performed by licensed doctors. It also ensures that doctors are trained in the SPT protocol before the doctor is given the SPT certification.

Let’s all stay safe in our journey to stay youthful. Cheers!





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