Why I Go for My Ultherapy Singapore Treatment Once Every Year

Why I Go for My Ultherapy Singapore Treatment Once Every Year

Ageing is not something we can control. However, we can control how we look as we age. That is why I have an Ultherapy treatment done annually. Ultherapy in Singapore is a pretty popular anti-ageing treatment, let me share with you why that is so and why the Ultherapy SPT protocol used for my recent treatment makes the Ultherapy treatment even more effective!

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Ultherapy treatment in Singapore is a non-invasive, non-surgical facelifting treatment that is US FDA-approved. It uses micro-focused ultrasound energy to lift and firm our face. A full-face Ultherapy treatment offers optimal results as the ultrasound energy stimulates collagen production throughout the entire face, and even the upper neck area. When collagen is produced, our skin noticeably becomes tighter and more lifted. Good-bye sagging skin!

You may have come across the term “shots” or “lines” when doing your research on Ultherapy treatment in Singapore. When it comes to Ultherapy, the number of lines is the amount of energy delivered to your face. So how many lines of Ultherapy should you get? While Ultherapy 500 lines was good, Ultherapy 800 lines full facelift and upper neck lift is the current recommended protocol for a more dramatic and effective facelift in Singapore.

Ultherapy vs HIFU is a question I get frequently as a medical aesthetics doctor. HIFU is high intensity focused ultrasound, and it similarly uses ultrasound energy to lift and firm the skin. So why do I choose Ultherapy over HIFU in Singapore? Well, because of 1. Its real time ultrasound imaging, 2. Ample research available to back up its effectiveness and safety, 3. Innovation and constant improvement to the machine and treatment techniques; for example, I am very excited about the all new Ultherapy “See Plan Treat” (SPT) protocol.

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This screen you see in this picture is what the real-time imaging visualiser looks like. And this brings us to the introduction of the SPT protocol for Ultherapy treatments in Singapore. So, what exactly is the SPT protocol? SPT just means See, Plan, Treat. These are three simple words that set the Ultherapy treatment very much apart from other similar facelifting treatments in Singapore.

See: Not everyone’s skin is exactly the same. Some people have thicker skin, heh heh, no pun intended, while others have thinner skin.  Different areas of the face also have difference thickness. By using real-time visualisation technology to view and analyse the patient’s skin composition and structure, I get a better understanding of the patient’s skin condition. Armed with this knowledge, we can better go to the next stage: to plan!

Plan: Next, I will use what I have learnt from the ultrasound to customise the treatment. The depth of treatment is then varied according to the thickness of the skin depending on who we treat and where we treat, so that we can accurately target the tissue I want to treat. Better accuracy leads to a more effective and safer treatment. Now, who wouldn’t like that?

Treat: The last step is the easiest, just do it! Stick to the plan and look at the ultrasound visualiser before each line or shot and that is it!

In short, the SPT protocol for Ultherapy treatments allows us to take an accurate look into our skin so that we can plan and execute a customised treatment for each patient. This is unlike other similar ultrasound anti-ageing treatments, such as HIFU, which are unable to offer detailed insight into the patient’s skin composition and structure for optimising treatment benefits.

Innovation in technology is important but finding innovative ways to use current technology drives the best results.” This is what I strongly believe in and the Ultherapy SPT protocol does exactly that. While we have always been using the authentic Ulthera device with the real-time imaging visualiser, the SPT protocol takes us one step further when it comes to customising Ultherapy treatments and improving their accuracy and precision—existing technology, but with even better results!

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Lastly, to keep us looking great and to maximise our Ultherapy facelift results, a yearly Ultherapy treatment in Singapore is recommended. Ageing catches up with us a lot faster the older we get, hence, an annual renewal of your Ultherapy full face treatment is recommended to keep our skin firm and lifted and keep us looking fresh and rejuvenated!

Ultherapy facelift treatment in Singapore with the authentic Ulthera device is safe and effective. However, you should also ensure your Ultherapy treatment cost is transparent and your doctor shares with you the exact number of lines of Ultherapy delivered to the treated areas.

Watch the following video of my Ultherapy treatment process for more!

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