Slimming Principle Four

Slimming Principle Four

In the final clip in the slimming series, Dr. Terence Tan’s reveals the last principle in his approach to slimming.

Slimming principle four: Do not forget about body contouring. I see many people fanatical about slimming, they’re just really obsessed with getting a certain number, a certain weight. But a certain number and a certain weight is useless if one doesn’t look good.

So a lot of people actually totally forget about looking good. You can be skinny and have a bad shape or you can be slim with great body shape.

Which one would you choose?

So a lot of people have come to my clinic and they feel that well, will these treatments work and is it really that good? Well, I guess yes and no. Technology has advanced to a point whereby there are great machines and methods to non-invasively reduce fat over troublesome places. So this is really good for body contouring.

But of course, it really doesn’t contribute that much to weight loss. But it makes one look better. Looking good is not just about being scrawny. It’s about looking curvy and looking good.

So this is my approach to slimming. Wouldn’t it be great if services provided by the beauty salon can be backed up by safe and effective slimming provided by GP clinics, complemented by body contouring at aesthetic clinics or plastic surgery clinics, all rolled into one place?

I think that would be really good.

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