Sharing Knowledge In A “New Normal” World

Sharing Knowledge In A “New Normal” World

Webinars are now considered a “new normal” for a world that is living in a pandemic. In the past, webinars are mostly organised for people located in different corners of the globe where it isn’t cost efficient nor practical to bring everyone to a physical location for a meeting.

But Covid-19 changed that, making webinars commonplace and a necessity for communities that are struggling to keep life going “as per normal”. Medical technology and techniques must continue to advance for patients’ benefit and although the physical interaction is missing, the intent of a gathering of doctors over a webinar is the same—it is to learn best practices and share insight with our peers to enhance patient care and deliver optimal results.



Translating Science of Juvéderm VYCROSS Technology to Filler Performance

Dermal fillers injection is one of the most popular treatments in not just Halley Medical Aesthetics, but in many clinics, with many patients requesting for hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers. It is therefore not surprising that attendance at the “Juvéderm Expert Forum” webinar held in May 2021 was high and I felt that things really couldn’t be more “normal” despite being a virtual event.

Many of us have had plenty of practice learning how to use and present via Zoom and the likes of Zoom during Singapore’s lockdown in 2020, so presenting the first keynote speech— “Translating Science of Juvéderm VYCROSS Technology to Filler Performance”—to a virtual audience of 104 aesthetics doctors from Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines at the “Juvéderm Expert Forum” webinar felt like second nature by now. Having said that, I still miss the presence of a physical audience. The last physical medical conference that I presented at was the Allergan Aesthetics Symposium in December 2020 where I talked about the emotional attributes of body contouring.

As Singapore slowly prepares for the return of leisure travel, I hope that we too can bring back physical conferences, albeit with safe management measures, as webinars lack the camaraderie of meeting a fellow friend and doctor face-to-face.


Advancing medical treatments to improve patient outcome

Organised by Allergan Medical Institute (AMI), the “Juvéderm Expert Forum” aims to improve patient outcome for the Juvéderm range of dermal fillers by providing aesthetic doctors access to evidence-based, on-demand medical education. As the first keynote speaker for the webinar, I set the stage by delving into the difference between the various brands of filler under the Juvéderm VYCROSS® range. The Juvéderm VYCROSS technology uses a proprietary mix of low- and high-molecular weight HA, resulting in a cross-linked gel that:

  • Is mouldable immediately after injection;
  • Displays minimal gel swelling;
  • Has high tissue integration and is therefore natural looking;
  • Enables ease of injection and greater control for doctors; and
  • Gives long-lasting result.

Continuing medical education

I hope the rest of 2021 continues to edge our life back to “normal”. But whether webinars will continue to stay or physical large-scale conferences will make a comeback, only time will tell. A lot, of course, hinges on vaccination and infection rates not just in our island-state, but globally.

What must certainly continue is medical advancement and the advancement of medical knowledge among healthcare practitioners to improve care and outcome for patients. To that end, I will continue to play an active role in medical aesthetic and healthcare advisory boards and committees, like the ones that I am currently on for Allergan Aesthetics for CoolSculpting and Novo Nordisk, the pharmaceutical company behind Saxenda. My research findings in a global multi-centre clinical trial on CoolSculpting titled “High Participant Satisfaction Achieved Using Cryolipolysis for Fat Reduction of the Abdomen and Flanks” had been presented in many medical conferences worldwide like the US, Japan, Monaco, Dubai, and Spain. I will be doing more in the months to come and you will certainly be updated in this space.

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