My personal weight loss journey

My personal weight loss journey

I meet a lot of people on a daily basis who come from all walks of life. I learn about their day and I listen to their stories. Where they’ve been, what they do, and what made them take that first step to see me. When we get to the topic of weight loss, it can get emotional.

My personal weight loss journey

Yes, there are some patients who just want to get rid of that unsightly bulge on their otherwise trim body. But many times, patients tell me how tough it is for them to lose the bulk that they have gained over the years due to pregnancy, stress, lack of exercise or unhealthy eating habits. Many have also been battling with their weight for as long as they can remember and they just want something done.

That tubby guy

Even for me, weight gain is a real issue. I was very trim during medical school and in the army. But when I started working, keeping fit became secondary and the long hours in the hospital didn’t help either. I play tennis regularly but that didn’t seem to be enough because one day, I looked at myself in a photograph and I suddenly thought: “Gosh, who is that tubby guy in the photo!”

I started running frequently, played tennis two to three times a week, watched my diet even more keenly, and I trimmed down really quickly. But that was hard to maintain when the workload became heavier, and the next thing I knew, my weight went up again and my waistline expanded.

That is why I know how my patients feel when they tell me about their cycle of losing and regaining weight. It’s like a yo-yo that goes up and down, up and down, and never really stabilising at a weight they truly desire.

And so it begins – my weight loss journey

My personal weigh loss journey
Getting ready

So here I am, taking that first step that my patients take when they come to see me. I have decided to lose that extra weight for good! As I am with my patients every step of the way during their weight loss journey, I hope that you, too, will be with me every step of the way as I document my weight loss journey.

I hope that through my journey, people will realise that weight loss need not be a miserable one. I believe that being happy is important in our pursuit for beauty and weight loss. And at the end of the day, if whatever I am doing makes me (or you) completely unhappy, then it is not the right way of achieving our goals.

The first thing to do is to get my current weight, height, body mass index (BMI), waist circumference, and blood pressure. I’ve asked my staff, Saori, to kindly help me with this. With the information, we calculated my percentage body fat and muscle mass percentage.

So now everything is documented and nicely placed in a folder alongside my fellow weight loss patients. Here are my statistics for your viewing pleasure. I hope to have another update for you soon.

My statistics
Weight: 63.4kg
Height: 163cm
BMI: 23.9
Waist: 85.5cm
% Body Fat: 25.3%
% Muscle: 33.0%
Blood pressure: 134/95





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