As doctors, let’s not forget who we promised to protect.

As doctors, let’s not forget who we promised to protect.


I was working in my clinic with a kind doctor who was about the same age as me. He showed me CT scans of patients with COV pneumonitis. It was certainly very scary, especially since it could happen to us doctors at any time. We then started talking about what happened during SARS. I realised that we were both working at the Emergency Departments at that time, and that we lost colleagues to SARS. Times were hard then as it is now.



Being nostalgic, I tried to dig out my SARS memorabilia. I have one cashcard with my photo on it with the term “SARS-maritan”, One N95 mask which I kept over the years, and one badge from my ex-employer with the word “Valour” on it.

My younger colleagues may not have had the benefit of the SARS experience and they may not have recited the Hippocratic Oath (they scrapped that requirement years ago), but it is now time to step-up to the plate and rise above the seemingly impossible task of the current challenge.

Its not time for us to be scared but to remember: “Into whatsoever houses I enter, I will enter to help the sick, and I will abstain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm.”

To my fellow General Practitioners, protect yourself first, then lets not forget to protect the people we promised to protect. Lets not forget that our patients depend on us for ailments which is far more deadly than COV2019. Depression, appendicitis, uncontrolled diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and numerous other illnesses have a higher mortality count.

Let us keep our clinics open to all who seek our help and remember the “VALOUR” which we have showed in the past to guide us through these difficult times!

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