The Truth About Pico Lasers From a Doctor’s Point of View 

The Truth About Pico Lasers From a Doctor’s Point of View 

Why add the new Fotona PQX Picolaser (Fotona Starwalker PQX Pico Laser) when Halley already has the Cynosure PicoSure laser? 

Fotona Starwalker PQX Pico Laser Singapore

We recently made a decision late 2021 to add the new Fotona PQX Picolaser to the range of lasers that we have at Halley Medical Aesthetics. The question I often get is: Why bring in another pico laser when you already have the PicoSure? Aren’t all pico lasers work the same since they have the word “pico” in it? 

Let me explain in this blog post with three common questions that patients often ask me. 


1. What three words would you use to describe the new pico laser by Fotona? 

It is a “Very Good Laser”. It is powerful, safe, and versatile. 


2. Why add a new pico laser when Halley Medical Aesthetics already has the PicoSure laser by Cynosure? 

Fotona StarWalker PQX Singapore Halley Medical Aesthetics
Fotona PQX Picolaser

Not many people know that not all pico lasers are the same. The term “pico laser” is taken from the word “picosecond”, which is 1⁄1,000,000,000,000 (one trillionth) of a second. 

These lasers therefore emit the fastest flash of laser energy amongst the lasers available today. As such, they are good for pigment rejuvenation and several other functions. However, pico lasers have different characteristics based on the wavelengths they emit. 

For example, the Fotona PQX Picolaser (Fotona Starwalker PQX Pico Laser) emits laser beams at 532nm and 1064nm wavelengths, which is different from the PicoSure which emits laser energy at 755nm wavelength. 


3. So which pico laser is the best? 

The answer is there is no one laser which can treat every single condition. 

Therefore “the best” is to have as many pico lasers as we can to customise the treatment to the skin condition and preferences of the patient. “What is the expectation of the patient regarding downtime? Does the patient mind several repeated treatments? How deep is the patient’s pigmentation and how is the skin condition?” These are some of the questions we ask ourselves every single time before we treat any patient. 

An analogy that answers how we prescribe a suitable laser to address those series of questions would be this. To a workman who only has a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. But a workman who has a well-stocked tool kit would choose the best tool to get it done. 

Halley's Pico Power of 3 Laser Treatment Singapore
PicoSure Laser and Fotona PQX Picolaser

That is why we at Halley pioneered the “Halley’s Pico Power of 3” laser programme. By combining the different characteristics of the Pico Sure and Fotona PQX Picolaser we have three different wavelengths to choose from to get the job done – 532nm, 755nm, and 1064nm.  

Now that is what we call bespoke laser treatment! 


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