Chinese FAQ video on CoolSculpting in Singapore

Chinese FAQ video on CoolSculpting in Singapore

CoolSculpting as a fat removal treatment is gaining popularity in Singapore. It is a no downtime alternative to liposuction, an invasive, surgical procedure that removes excess body fat.

Liposuction uses a thin tube or a cannula, which is connected to a vacuum to suction the fat from areas of your body, such as the hips, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. You may have to undergo general anaesthesia during surgery, which means you will not be awake during the procedure. Any surgical method of body shaping carries a risk of bleeding, infections, scarring, and adverse reactions to anaesthesia. The recovery process is also painful and requires at least a few days of post-surgery downtime. When CoolSculpting arrived in Singapore, people wanted to know how cryolipolysis works. Unlike liposuction, CoolSculpting has no downtime, as no incisions are required at all.


CoolSculpting freezes unwanted fat cells in the body, which are eventually removed from the body. Since our body is unable to produce new fat cells after five years of age, the fat cells that are removed during CoolSculpting will stay away—for good. Research has shown that CoolSculpting is able to remove 20-25% of body fat with each treatment. Then as CoolSculpting technology progressed with the launch of new applicators such as the CoolAdvantage, for instance, and the introduction of QuadSculpting, the interest in Singapore grew too.


While there is quite a bit of information about CoolSculpting in Singapore, they are mostly in English. Information in Chinese, however, is lacking. Here is a video, which I had done in Chinese, which would give viewers information they need about CoolSculpting in Mandarin.

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