Dr. Terence Tan’s approach to slimming: Where can one go for help in losing weight?

Dr. Terence Tan’s approach to slimming: Where can one go for help in losing weight?

Patients who want to lose weight usually want it fast, easy, and safe, says Dr. Terence Tan. But is there such a place? Find out Dr. Tan’s feelings about the trials and tribulations of weight loss in this short clip.

We have not been successful at maintaining our weight.

So, where can we go for help in losing weight and how effective are these sources of assistance?

Firstly, there are beauty salons specialise in providing a range of services from wraps to machine treatments, herbs, meal replacements and counselling.

Secondly, there are Clinics, which prescribe medications which kerb appetite or block fat.

Then lastly, there are aesthetic and plastic surgery clinics, which provides invasive and non-invasive fat reduction procedures

What are my thoughts on the weight management services in Singapore?

Many clinics and beauty salons in Singapore do an excellent job at what they do. However, not many of them offer a complete range of services to address all slimming facet.

To be honest, slimming is indeed challenging, and we need to tackle it in several ways.

Let me illustrate. There are a few concerns that I often hear from my patients.

Firstly, most patients want it fast, then they want it easy and they want it to be safe. Those that want it quick and fast would go to beauty salons. Those that want it safe would go to GP clinics for medications. Those that want it easy would visit aesthetic doctors or plastic surgeons.

What about those who want all three? There are not many places that they can go.

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